A cabaret club, often referred in Japanese slang as kyaba kura, is a high-end type of hostess club that serves quality alcoholic drinks and (usually) has hostesses of good class. Consequently, the price is the most expensive of hostess clubs, an hour is usually 5,000 yen and up from the early evening, to 8,000 yen and up during the later premium hours of night. The classy clubs of Ginza and Roppongi are usually much more expensive.

During the alloted time period, the customer gets to enjoy the company of a hostess, in slang referred to as a kyaba jyo, who will serve the drinks and provide conversation. The most popular hostesses are not only good looking, but are fun and enjoyable to talk to - and sometimes young (see lolita complex). By law, the hostesses are over 18.

Everything from beer to champagne is available and depending on the club, drinks are or are not included in the hourly price. If drinks are not included, usually the hostess will ask the customer to buy her drinks.

As a customer, you are allowed to ask for a change to a new hostesses at no cost if she does not meet your liking. Hostesses can specifically be choosen, but at a price that varies by club. Nothing naughty is allowed and if the customer causes trouble, they will get kicked out - or worse.

By the way, most all cabaret clubs are run by, or affiliated with yakuza;)

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