The Certificate of Sixth Year Studies (CSYS) was a Scottish qualification which could be studied for by pupils in their sixth (and final) year of Secondary school, after passing the subject at Higher Grade1. It was intended to bridge the gap between school and university, and could be considered broadly equivalent to the A-Level elsewhere in the UK.2

CSYS offered the chance to study a particular subject in greater depth, and (in some cases) offered a choice of specialisation(s). For example, there were a number of separate Mathematics papers (including General, Pure, Statistics, etc.).

For whatever reason, the qualification never quite achieved the level of credibility of the Higher. It was discontinued in the late 1990s as part of the 'Higher Still' program of reforms, and effectively replaced with the Advanced Higher.

1 Standard Grade --> Higher Grade --> CSYS
2 I've read one source claiming 2 CSYS Grade 'A's to be equivalent to 3 A-Level Grade 'A's, and others valuing it far lower; YMMV.

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