CNX is a cable channel that seems to be a younger brother of some sorts to the almighty Cartoon Network. Essentially, CNX is Toonami. But all day, everyday. That's right, you get to watch badly dubbed anime and kick ass Warner Bros cartoons 24/7. Finally, our dream has come true!

During the day, you have your fair share of saturday morning cartoons that generally kick ass. So expect a large dose of Sailor Moon, Pokemon, Dragonball Z (okay, DBZ isn't really a saturday morning cartoon), Batman and various others.

What is suprising about the channel is it's after nine pm show list. This consists primarly of Spawn: The Animated Series, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Jack and various other teenage and adult orientated cartoons. Most of these shows depict some serious swearing, acts of violence and other adult themed stuff (like drugs and sex).Also, every once in a while, it shows "Triple A" movies, which are mostly Japanese and John Woo action flicks with subtitles. Oh yeah, and Thundercats.

And Space Ghost: Coast to Coast. And that Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law thing too.

I have no idea on it's presence in any other part of the world other than the UK, but it's a damn good channel and I reccommened it to everyone who only watches CN for the Toonami block.

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