Broadcasting live from the University of Ottawa, Canada: 89.1 on your FM dial (89.5 on cable FM).

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Tom Green started his career on that radio station. He was reprimended several times by the radio station manager. I remember a particular episode of Midnight Caller where he lied on the floor in the studio and made cow noises for well over 45 minutes. Now *that's* quality broadcasting.


Chûô is Japanese for "center."

中央区 Chuo-ku, "Center Ward," is a part of many Japanese cities. In Tokyo, Chuo-ku includes Nihonbashi and Ginza. In Osaka, Chuo-ku is the central business district between the Midosuji and Osaka Castle. In Kobe, Chuo-ku is roughly the area between Nata and Shinkaichi, including Sannomiya, Motomachi, and Port Island. In Fukuoka, Chuo-ku is everything between the Fukuoka Dome and City Hall. In Chiba, Chuo-ku is the Gibsonian area around JR Chiba and Soga stations. Finally, in Sapporo, Chuo-ku is virtually the entire commerical area of the city, including Mount Maru and Mount Asahi.

Chuo is also a common element in the names of train stations (makes sense, right? Doesn't NYC have Grand Central?): Senri Chuo, Chiba New Town Chuo, Woodytown Chuo, and Sasebo Chuo, among others.

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