Organization. Canadian Alliance Against Software Theft. CAAST is the Canadian equivalent of the BSA. As of January 2002 it has begun ramping up it's anti-piracy campaign, meaning that if you have a business in Canada they could be knocking down your doors soon!

Many major publishers of business software have banded together, CAAST is their enforcement arm. Their mission statement from their website ( is as follows:

CAAST is committed to reducing software piracy in Canada through Enforcement, Education and Public Policy. CAAST is also active in stimulating a climate for software development; maximizing the opportunity for job creation across all industries and contributing positively to the economy of the country. We are here to protect both consumers and legitimate resellers against the sale of illegal software.

Software licensing is quite a complex thing at times, with many EULAs to contend with and ever escalating costs. The legal enforcability of some of these shrink wrap contracts is debatable, however most businesses find it more cost effective to cave in to the CAAST and BSA crew rather than ever enter the courts. CAAST will get a court order allowing them to enter your premises complete with law enforcement (RCMP or perhaps local police) and go through your computer equipment, with nothing more than a phone call from a disgruntled employee.

But don't worry many companies will happily sell you licenses for their license management software. And consultants will always be around to help as well!

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