For your nightly rape and pilage of local corporate offices, or even for the occational B and E, you need to know how to bypass security devices.

The most common of all alarm devices is the magnetic contact switches. It consists of 2 magnets and wires which lead to a intrusion detection system. When one magnet is pulled away from the other the alarm is tripped. Cutting the wires protruding from magnets will set off the alarm. To bypass the alarm remove a portion of the insulation from the wires and then place another small portion of wire across the 2 exposed wires. This will complete the circut leaving the alarm useless.

Photoelectric alarms are very common and used in many retail stores. When you walk into a store and hear a tone, that is because you tripped the photoelectric alarm. A transmitter sends a beam to a receiver and if that beam is broken then the alarmis set off. This can be bypassed very easily by shinning a flashlight into the receiver. This allows a buddy to walk through undetected. The beam can be seen by blowing smoke across it with something like a cigarette. Newer models of receivers may use infra-red light, but filters may be purchased to view IR beams. If the beam is IR then a IR beam will be required, which can also be easily purchased. If you have prior access to the facility, kick the receiver and break it so as soon as the alarm is turned on it will be set off and the owner will be forced to diable it.

Microwave alarms are extremely difficult to bypass, so basically it's not worth your trouble unless there is a big prize to be had for your labor. Microwave alarms emit beams of ultra-high radio frequency energy, generally at 10.525 GHz and detects intruders by observing any change in that RF energy. You basically have 3 options when encountering a system such as this. Take out the computer system behind it thus disabling the alarm. Gain access to the area prior to the alarm being switched on, then arrange metal objects in such a fashion that would create a pathway for a person to crawl behind. Or you can move across the area at 2 inches per second. As far as this system goes, good luck!

Some homes are linked to a central monitoring station which would monitor activity at a residence and at first sign of trouble, would call the police. A CMS is usually linked to a home by phone, so for all you phreaks this should pose no problem because all you have to do is take out the phone lines at the monitoring station. You would have to take out the phone lines at the CMS because if you kill the lines of the home, then it will send a signal to the CMS which indicates major shit is going down. Your other option is to tap the phone line of the residence, set off the alarm, then run away and listen on the line. The home owner should call the CMS, tell them his secret code and also relay to them that is was just a false alarm. So next time you can set off the alarm, call the CMS yourself, and tell them to disable the monitoring system with the owner's appropriate code. Then it's on to rape and pilaging as you please.

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