Buttery Wholesomeness is a continuation of the HOL parody, in that they said that they had no intention of making any supplements (well, not really) and then went and did so.

Or, more to the point, that the supplement they made had none of the features alluded to in sentences that could be taken as alluding to future supplements. Such as ones involving women.

What this wonderful book does provide, however, is character creation.

A note regarding this: One of the things pounded into the reader's skull via jackhammer in the first book is that they really hoped that the reader could, say, actually be creative enough to come up with the characters themselves, come up with the plots, etc. and run with it?

Far more so than the actual core rules, Character Creation via Buttery Wholesomeness will fuck you up. Or more to the point, your character.

It is indeed possible for your character to die during character creation.

It is indeed possible for said character to be so inflicted with hate, bitterness, and allergies to elves and pasta by the end of the CC process that they are basically unplayable, in any logical sense of the word.

Not, mind you, that HOL has ever made any announcements regarding logic, sense, or sanity when it comes to playing the game.

But...we've wound up with characters that had to live in a bubble, with voices sounding like Gilbert Gottfried, with skin made from dead puffins, and able to piss napalm at attackers after drinking 3 cups of turkish coffee and taking 15 levels of damage. Bite it, Fan Boy.

There are also new skills (including clown skills) and a multitude of other horrors. It's wonderful. It's frightening. It's not, at all, for people who can't handle extremely frightening horrifying silliness.

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