The unique pop sound of Butterfly Child was begun by Joe Cassidy in Belfast in 1990. The group realeased its first single, 'Toothfairy' in 1991, and its second and third, Eucalyptus and 'Ghetto Speak', in '92 and '93 respectively. These lead to Onomatopoeia, the group's first album, in 1993. The Honeymoon Suite followed in 1996 (recorded at about the time of Cassidy's marriage). The group's third album was released in 1998. Soft Explosives has a much more mature and collected sound than earlier work.

I like to describe the sound of Butterfly Child as a cross between synth-pop and The Beatles, blended with shades of the Manic Street Preachers. It likely isn't a sound that you will have heard before. Joe Cassidy's vocals blend into the group's intriguing instrumentation, rather than standing out from it. The effect created is beautiful and often strange. Cassidy describes the music as "...that strange hybrid of life, all experiences, good and bad". Butterfly Child is to top 40 music as an ice cream float is to a glass of soda.

Butterfly Child has always recieved high critical acclaim -- Melody Maker called The Honeymoon Suite "the album the term 'perfect pop' should have been invented for" -- but not mainstream popularity. It makes sense. Butterfly Child is lovely to listen to and sounds nothing like mainstream pop... or mainstream rock, or mainstream anything. If you'd like to try some music that's interesting and unique, seek out Butterfly Child.

Apparently the band's members vary greatly, so no complete list is available. Joe Cassidy, however, is certainly a constant.


Toothfairy, H.ark, 1991
Eucalyptus, H.ark, 1992
Ghetto Speak, Rough Trade, 1993
Beaujolais, Rough Trade, 1994
Flaming Burlesque, label and date unknown

Onomatopoeia, Rough Trade, 1993
The Honeymoon Suite, Dedicated Records, 1996
Soft Explosives, Hit It, 1998

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*Due to rarity of information and conflict between some sources, information may be incorrect -- especially regarding singles.

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