An Israeli movies genre, which groups movies by their quality rather than their plot. In a way, burekas movies are the Israeli answer to Bollywood.

A typical Burekas movie will involve slapstick jokes, drama and maybe a love story. But most important (unlike in Hindi movies) is the low unsophisticated humour. And you know what? At their time, mostly the 1970s and the 1980s, they became a hit - though now most people detest them (as much as they detest the whole Israeli cinema industry). Although those movies are certainly not the best of what our young nation has to offer, those movies still give a taste of authentic Israel.

The stars of this genre are without doubt Zeev Revakh and Yehuda Barkan, who have produced, together and alone, many substandard comedies and dramas. See Charlie VaKhetzi (Charlie And A Half), Khagiga BaSnooker (Festival at the Poolroom), Tipat Mazal (A Bit Of Luck), HaShoter Azulai (Policemen Azulai).

Why Burekas (a Jewish dish; layered pastry with filling)? I'm not certain myself, but I'll update this writeup as soon as I find out. If you know, please message me.

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