Bunnyman Bridge is a one-lane underpass on Colchester Road in Fairfax County, Virginia, which has been the setting for many ghost stories and urban legends about the Bunnyman.

Back in the early 1900s, according to one version of the story, there was an insane asylum located in the area, which caused the local residents to protest. Eventually the asylum closed, but when the patients were being transferred, two of them escaped. One was caught by police, but the other remained elusive, hiding in the woods near the railroad. Police would find the half-eaten carcasses of rabbits in the area, hence the fugitive became known as "The Bunnyman."

As is often the case with these stories, it's hard to track down exactly how much is true. Some say the knife-weilding maniac lured children into the woods and gutted them. Some say he was eventually killed when police chased him onto the railroad tracks at the bridge where he was struck by a train. Another version of the story says the Bunnyman was named so because he dressed up in a bunny costume.

Over the years, Bunnyman Bridge has reportedly been the site of many unexplained murders. Tales of curious teenagers being sliced open and hung from the bridge abound, and people are warned to stay away on Halloween since the Bunnyman might get them. Today, the bridge is under police video surveillance, and much of the Bunnyman-related graffiti that decorated the tunnel has been painted over.

If you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can stand in the middle of the tunnel, say "Bunnyman!" three times, and he'll appear.

I wouldn't recommend it, though.

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