A band that was briefly, with Tullycraft, at the forefront of the cuddlecore movement. That is, they played happy joyful cute music with some loud guitars. And, as one reviewer put it, "a casual regard for singing in tune". Nevertheless, a very enjoyable band with amusing songs such as "We Suspect He Was Trying To Spell Monkey," "Boy Meets Wall," "Macho Beagle," and their tour de force "I Am Curious Partridge."

Founded in 1993 by Matt Harnish, Karen Reed, and Renee Dullum in St. Louis. They played guitar, drums, and bass, respectively, and all of them sang. Dullum left around the time their first album, Action Pants, was released. Jen Wolfe then joined the band and was honored with the title of their second album, Jen-fi. Bunnygrunt broke up in 1998; Harnish and Reed soldiered forth as The See-Thrus with help from members of Darling Little Jackhammer. It's rumored that Reed, now Karen Stephens, is in a band called Thee Noble Gases UK.

Partial Discography in Approximate Chronological order:
"Criminal Boy" 7", Silly Moo Records
"Standing Hampton" 7", No Life Records
The Bunnygrunt Family Notebook 7", March Records
Action Pants, No Life Records - 1995
"Blue Christmas" 7", Septophilia
"Johnny Angel" 7", Septophilia
Jen-fi, No Life Records -1998

I have a Bunnygrunt T-shirt. It has five very small birds on it. It confuses people.

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