In 1910, Bugatti had the idea of building a car that was to be larger than a Rolls-Royce or a Hispano Suiza. Ettore had planned a series limited to only 25 cars, exclusively for the real "royals" of this world.

Only six Royales were built (the first made in 1927) – all of which have been preserved until today. These are the largest cars ever produced for private use.

The Royale is over six metres long with a wheelbase of 4.3 metres (the hood is 2,13 metres). The 12.7-litre, eight-cylinder engine produces 300 hp at only 2,000 rpm. It is equipped with a three-speed gearbox, reaching 145 kph(!) in second gear.

It had taken Ettore Bugatti almost two decades to reach this milestone – and it brought his company to the brink of ruin.

The Type 41 Royale was a work of passion for Ettore Bugatti, after he had created several successful race cars. There is some uncertainity if six or eight cars where produced, but only 3 where sold. A model produced and sold in 1931 went for $42,000.

Bugattis passionate focus on details and size made the car an engineering masterpiece even today. The car, though, was regarded as a work of madness and megalomania rather than genius.

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