Buck"ram (?), n. [OE. bokeram, bougeren, OF. boqueran, F. bougran, MHG. buckeram, LL. buchiranus, boquerannus, fr. MHG. boc, G. bock, goat (as being made of goat's hair), or fr. F. bouracan, by transposing the letter r. See Buck, Barracan.]


A coarse cloth of linen or hemp, stiffened with size or glue, used in garments to keep them in the form intended, and for wrappers to cover merchandise.

Buckram was formerly a very different material from that now known by the name. It was used for wearing apparel, etc. Beck (Draper's Dict. ).

2. Bot.

A plant. See Ramson.

Dr. Prior.


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Buck"ram, a.


Made of buckram; as, a buckram suit.


Stiff; precise.

"Buckram dames."



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Buck"ram, v. t.

To strengthen with buckram; to make stiff.



© Webster 1913.

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