"Buck Rogers Countdown To Doomsday" licensed by TSR originally came out on IBM's Commodore 64 and was later release on the Sega Genesis and finally the European Mega Drive. Set in the year 2456, when humanity has spread to different terraformed planets, colonized satellites, and asteroids across the solar system.

The plot is that Mars has become a capitol of solar despotism controlled by the Russa-American Mercantile, (RAM) bent on the enslavement of the solar system have recently created a "Doomsday Weapon" scheduled to destroy Earth. You play as an agent for Buck Rogers, head of the New Earth Organization, (NEO) a band of rebels working to restore the former glory to a future Earth, scarred by pollution and war.

Aside from not having much connection with the movie, television series, book, or comic, besides character names and its futuristic sci-fi theme, The game is differently entertaining considering it dates back to 1990. You can play as Terrans, Venusians, Martians, Mercurians, or genetically engineered Desert Runners and Tinkers. There are four differnt classes available: Fighter, Rocket Jockey, Rogue, or Medic, and a variety of different skills such as, demolition, Zero-G maneuvering, fast talking, and many many others. The fighting engine isn't exactly pioneering but well done nonetheless, its a strategic turn based using traditional Magic or AD&D attribute system; your attributes determine battle placement, action speed, damage, and defense. The vastness of the game world is what really impresses me, the game has an incredible number of different planets, asteroids, pirate ships etc. each of which has a completely independent environment with different NPCs giving different information based upon where you've been and what your doing. (Which is a welcome change after getting used to the monotonous "Welcome to Corneria") The plot is pretty in depth, has many deceptions, much disillusionment, and a little love, this game really is high standard in every aspect I expect from a game and I certainly recommend it to any who haven't played it.

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