The most recent album by Estradasphere (a Santa Cruz, CA, band that has a very loyal fan in Birmingham, AL) it's an interesting representative sample of all the different music styles that this band is capable of performing. They go from some rather frightening death metal (The Silent Elk of Yesterday/Track 3) to video game (Crag Lake/Track 4) straight into an interesting mix of jazz and swing with a quality that's slightly reminiscent of early Elvis (Meteorite Showers/Track 5).

Another neat note: on Track 14 (Green Hill), if you listen closely, all of the old-school Nintendo fans will hear the oh-so-familiar sounds of the classic frozen game and the measures taken to correct this.

1. Buck Fever
2. The Dapper Bandits
3. The Silent Elk of Yesterday
4. Crag Lake
5. Meteorite Showers
6. The Bounty Hunter
7. Super Buck II
8. Millennium Child
9. Trampoline Klan
10. Burnt Corpse
11. Rise n' Shine
12. Bride of the Buck
13. A Very Intense Battle
14. Green Hill
15. Feed Your Mama's Meter
16. What Deers May Come

Buck fever.

Intense excitement at the sight of deer or other game, such as often unnerves a novice in hunting. [Colloq.]


© Webster 1913

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