Who are they?

Estradasphere is a band specializing in covering a wide range of musical styles. Their list of music they've emulated is, (from their website www.estradapshere.com):

And believe me, they really have done music in all these styles. They band consists of the following members

Where They Play

Estradasphere are Santa Cruz, California natives, and mostly play concerts in Southern California. I have seen their show once in my hometown, Los Angeles, at a small club called The Knitting Factory. The concert rocked, and they really got the crowd going.

The Fans

They have a small but loyal fan base who go nuts at their concerts, although this is changing and they are attracting a larger fan base as they mature.


Not much is known of their history, but I’m sure if you posted to their bulletin board, someone would gladly fill you in (possibly a band member).


(dates were unobtainable but albums are listed in chronological order)

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