All pee bubbles to some extent, though a high glucose level in urine (as is associated with diabetes) should make urine much bubblier. Tasting urine in order to test for this glucose content (as formerly mentioned above) is probably not everyone's cup of pee, but if you do notice a fruity smell (sometimes described as similar to that of mango or papaya) in addition to a high bubble concentration in your pee, you may very well be diabetic, and should see a doctor.

Again, drinking urine is not really recommended, though it is indeed supposed to be sterile (assuming you don't leave it lying around for long before-hand), and is consumed in quantities by yogis and perverts alike. It does, however, reintroduce urea and other waste products into your bloodstream, which rather defeats the point of peeing in the first place. Drink too much, and you should theoretically come down with a potentially harmful case of jaundice. Also, your friends would begin to worry about you, and they would have very good resaon to do so. Unless, of course, they too borrow from the proud tradition of yoga. Or that of perversion.

Foamy pee is additionally rather something of a curse to anyone with a compulsive streak. You simply cannot pee it away.

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