Brownsburg is a small town of 14,520 residents. It is located just a few minutes west of Indianapolis at the intersection of US 136 and SR 267 (just south of I-74).

It was originally established in 1836 under the name of Harrisburg, after William Harris. This name had to be abandoned when it was found that a town called Harrisburg already existed in Indiana. So the town was named Brownsburg after one of the area’s first settlers, James Brown.

This led to an elementary school being named Harris Elementary (which I attended). This school’s claim to fame is that it hosts one of the nation’s few Challenger Learning Centers. Classes from all over come to a Challenger Center as a field trip to experience a simulated space mission. Unfortunately, this school is now being torn down as part of the School Corporation’s constant expansion into new schools.

The Brownsburg Community School Corporation represents the only public school system, but there are numerous private schools due to the unhealthy number of churches in the area. A similar sized school system can be found in the town of Avon, which is just south of Brownsburg. Avon has a very similar suburban feel to Brownsburg, but is a little larger due to greater commercial development. Needless to say, Avon’s Orioles and Brownsburg’s Bulldogs are heavy sports rivals.

Brownsburg is mostly famous for its 1999 and 2001 little league baseball teams, who made it to the national Little League World Series.
Also, the old Varsity Gym was used to shoot part of the movie “Hoosiers”.

Places to hang out in Brownsburg:

  • Wal-Mart – A happening place 24/7.
  • Arbuckle Park – Picknick tables and swings and stuff.
  • Brownsburg Bowl – I think most people just hang out in the parking lot.
  • That’s it; there are no more.

This w/u is based on information from the town council, the chamber of commerce, and my personal experiences (especially third grade history).
This is mostly from memory, so /msg me if you thing I goofed or missed something.

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