Unsolved Phenomenon

The Brown Mountain Lights are a series of light manifestations that have been seen over this particular mountain ridge -- Brown Mountain -- in the Pisgah National Forest, Burke, and Caldwell counties, North Carolina, not too far from Asheville.

The lights have been seen for 800 years, as the Cherokees' legends mentions them. Reports on the phenomenon were written by U.S. Civil War soldiers as well. They are spherical, have different numbers, sizes and colors; and seem to sometimes break apart as if in some kind of reproduction. They move in peculiar ways, hovering or disappearing at will.

They have been investigated by the United States Government, especially the meteorological and geological department, and the Smithsonian Institute. They were shown in "Mystery Lights" on the program Paranatural on the National Geographic Channel. Several other documentaries and books have looked into this event, but the most famous researcher was the late Robert Lepp.

Robert Lepp was so fascinated by this mysterious illumination that he not only observed them, he began to communicate with them. He finally made contact, and they informed him that they were from another planet. Upon "transporting " him to their home-world, which was revealed to be the source of our earth's 'life seeding', they explained their detailed interest in our development, focusing on our immature use of technology.

They were featured in the 1999 television broadcast of The X-Files, "Field Trip". Mulder investigates a couple that died near Brown Mountain, in the fictitious Boone County. The problem turns out to be a man-eating hallucination-causing mushroom underground. Of course his visions under its spell include aliens.

Lepp went on to open a "Outer Space Rock Shop" which included in the back room a mummy of one of the aliens. This shriveled up dark half-sized being can only be seen in a rare black and white photograph in a few publications, since the building was bulldozed down to smashed rubble after Joseph's death.

UFO's have been seen flitting about the area in recent times, with movement more intense and faster than the normal abnormal lights. These Brown Mountain Lights have been described as similar to the ones seen before crop circles have been made.

Art Bell's Broadcast, 12-5-2001
Note: My source first mistakenly called them "Black Mountain Lights" on what is now an Art Bell-less show. Also there's an interesting website: http://www.brownmountainlights.com/

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