"She ain't pretty but she's got it where it counts."
-Brother ML-100 Owner

The ML-100 is Brother's self described "entry-level" electronic typewriter. The "ML" stands for "Multi-Lingual" and the ML line earns this distinction by coming packaged with a second daisy wheel in addition to the standard US English one which apparently contains all the components necessary to type in various foreign (read: Latin) alphabets.

While it isn't very pretty and is certainly no SX-4000, the ML-100 is a highly practical machine and it is not for no reason that it has outlived so many of its contemporaries (including the hoity toity ML-500) in being sold directly from the Brother website.

The primary selling point of the ML-100 is the fact that it is a low-priced correctable typewriter with a 65 character memory, which means it's good for going back and fixing your mistakes for at least the last line without you having to do much more than align the carrier with the word or character you wish to erase and push either the "W OUT" key or the "CORRECT" key respectively. If you want to go back further than that you're going to have to manually align the carrier with the location of your tragic mistake and press the key combination "CODE" + "CORRECT" for each and every character you wish to erase. As you can imagine this is not very convenient and, unlike its successors in the ML line, the ML-300 and the ML-500, the ML-100 does not contain an onboard dictionary with which to find and alert you to your mistakes... Users of the ML-100 will soon become highly aware of their most common spelling errors and be forced to mentally discipline themselves to prevent further infractions but the suffering is well-worth it if you desire a device to utterly frustrate anyone who has become overly reliant on modern conveniences like "spellcheck" or "autocorrect". At the very least, you will never have to worry about sharing it.

Now, as proud as all of this would make your primary school English teacher, the ML-100 has a handful of other dandy features as well. There is the aforementioned "international" daisywheel but the ML-100 can also type in subscript or superscript, easily bolds or underlines text, and allows for single, single-and-a-half, and double line spacing. If that doesn't set your heart alight there's also a handy dandy "RELOC" key for returning the carrier to wherever you left off before correcting your last mistake.

The ML-100 comes in only one color, gray, and uses 1030 Black Correctable Film Ribbon Cartridges (good for 50,000 characters each) in conjunction with 3010 "Lift Off Correction Tape Spools". It is still availible to be ordered directly from Brother.com but I would advise interested parties to first browse Amazon or some other online retailer first, where the ML-100 and its appropriate supplies should be available for a lower price and with faster shipping.

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