A very VERY short lived cartoon show on MTV. I think it ran for about half a season in the mid 1990's. Maybe it was a one shot deal. The only name I could find related to the show was Doug Parker.

It's characters were done (or at least designed by) someone who had done one of MTV's bumpers. Bear with me here, but remember way back when MTV had all those cool animated bumper sequences? There was one that showed several cartoon heads all straining at something (they were all obviously taking a dump). Note the characters particular bulging eyes, exposed veins. Then you hear a plop, the MTV logo splashes into a toilet, and a sigh of relief follows. THOSE were the character templates for Brother's Grunt.

The only scene I really saw (at 5 am) was one of those guys riding an elephant in some tropical environment. A mosquito lands on him and taps one those funky exposed veins. The mosquito sucks about all his blood out, becoming so big it can barely fly away. The elephant rider, without his blood, somehow becomes shrunken to about 4" tall and must persue the mosquito to get his blood back.

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