The Bridges of Portland, Oregon that cross the Willamette River from South to North are:

Of these, all but the Fremont and Marquam are accesible to pedestrians (although I know some people who crossed the Fremont bridge on foot, they were intoxicated at the time). All of them (besides the Sellwood Bridge and St. Johns Brudge) are within walking distance of each other in downtown Portland. And all of them are artistically significant. All of them besides the four mentioned above are movable bridges, whether it be draw, telescope or lift.

While it would be ridiculous to compare any of these bridges to some of the magnificent bridges present in say, the Bay Area, they have their own charm, maybe based on the fact that they are mostly built to a more human scale.

The writeup above is pretty good. There are just a few things to clear up.

Suspension Bridge info from

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