A genre of electronic music which has a more "normal" beat to it, as opposed to "four on the floor" house (i.e. the bass drum isn't on the beat every beat). It's similar to breakbeat and big beat. A couple examples of this genre are the track "BillyG" by The Elusive Tones of Wonder (an mp3.com artist), and most of the stuff produced by the British band Hybrid.

Until nu skool breaks came about, all breaks tracks were built from the breakdown of another song. This means that the natural imperfections of a live drummer were incoporated into the track, creating a "broken beat" unlike the perfectly regular beats of house et al.

Breaks are very popular in Florida, which has it's own styles such as Tampa breaks and Miami bass, and California. I'm sure there must be some reason for this, but cannot say what it is.

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