An "alternative rock" group started in 1986 by art student and LA resident Chris Colbert. According to Colbert, he was booking bands for a community center event and one group backed out. With a couple of days left to find a replacement, he grabbed his guitar and some friends (vocalist Dave Koval, bassist Edwin "Bob" Wohler, and drummer Paul Pellegrin) and decided the group would wing it and make up some songs on stage. They weren't an immediate success, but over the course of a year added guitarist Caryn Parker and made some demo recordings, in hopes of getting record label attention.

Finally in 1989 they succeded in getting the attention of indie label Narrowpath Records and signed a deal. Their first album, Everything Was Beautiful And Nothing Hurt combined the 1987 demo with more recent recordings from 1989. Known for their psychedelic sounds and flashy stage costumes, the the group in 1990 landed their first gig outside of California, at Cornerstone Festival near Chicago. Joining the group were a few go-go dancers, a bubble machine and a film projector showing educational films like "Weather, the Untamed Goddess".

The summer of 1991 saw BWA release the acclaimed followup Dad, showing on the cover Pellegrin's father watering the lawn in his bathrobe while holding a mug of coffee. The album featured such classics as "Mermelstein and the Disappearing Sink", "Sea Shanty Of An Icelandic Midwife", and "The Short Happy Life Of Henrietta".

In 1992 the group went their seperate ways, releasing "Love Gift" that year and a live album in 1995 (mixed with dialogue from motivational tapes and bowling alley sound effects). Currently members of the group can be found in Oregon, California, and Tennessee.

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