The infamous radio call-sign of a Special Air Service patrol during the Gulf War, used as a title of a book written by the commander of the patrol, about the patrol.

It also was responsible for the sudden sparking up of books about the regiment, most of which are innaccurate beacause of military secrets that would be disclosed by them.


Also, for those who are interested, Bravo Two Zero, was formed from 7 (Air) Troop, B Squadron, 22nd SAS


An Update

After reading The Real Bravo Two Zero it seems that the story was embelished a little bit. I can't say i'm suprised. Having been in a contact (admitted only in training), I know the only thing you know is that you got loads of rounds down, and you have no idea if you actually hit anything. The only way to be sure is to go and look, which isn't always a wise thing to do. Also, its unlikely if that "Bravo Two Zero" would sell well if all they did was fire off some rounds and run for it.

And for those thinking "But these are double hard, warry SAS bastards" Have a look at Mr McNab's books and he says that in contact he's scared shitless. You'd have to be a maniac not to be with those angry red hornets flying all around you

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