Also a slang term for an alcoholic drink - frequently of the refreshing variety.

More specifically, a hangover cure, as referenced in John Barleycorn below. I'd suggest either a screwdriver or a bloody mary as good choices, but YMMV. The theory goes that the body doesn't like to be suddenly deprived - anecdotal evidence suggests a small amount of alcohol would be beneficial. The antioxidants & fructose in orange juice won't do any harm, either.

From John Barleycorn

...I was suffering from the morning sickness of the steady, heavy drinker. What I needed was a pick-me-up, a bracer.

from The Road to Success in Informal English

bracer(n) :an alcoholic drink taken as a stimulant.

Bra"cer (?), n.


That which braces, binds, or makes firm; a band or bandage.


A covering to protect the arm of the bowman from the vibration of the string; also, a brassart.



A medicine, as an astringent or a tonic, which gives tension or tone to any part of the body.



© Webster 1913.

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