An advertising agency based in New York City.

Previously known as Bozell, Jacobs, Kenyon & Eckhardt. Also previously known as Bozell Worldwide.

They are currently responsible for the ad campaigns of Verizon Wireless, The New York Times, Bank of America, the Tobacco is Wacko if You're a Teen! campaign paid for by Lorillard, Datek Online (and Island, its subsidiary), Jergens, Curél, Milk (except in California), the Bahamas, Excedrin, Pravachol and others.

Bozell is part of the Bozell Group Companies, which is comprised of Bozell, Bozell Kamstra, Avrett Free Ginsberg, Berenter, Greenhouse & Webster, Stein Rogan & Partners, SixtyFootSpider and Howard, Merrell & Partners.

Bozell is currently owned by True North Communications, Inc., a holding company. True North itself has just merged with The Interpublic Group of Companies, a much larger holding company.

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