A Trandoshan, a reptilian species that has long held a deep hatred for Wookiees. In his younger days, Bossk was capable of regenerating several lost limbs, but this ability has decayed with age. He had spent many years chasing Han Solo and his mortal enemy Chewbacca when he heard about the bounty placed on the Millenium Falcon by Darth Vader. After being brought onboard the Executor, Darth Vader's Super Star Destroyer, he heard the newly appointed Admiral Piett remark "bounty hunters . . . we don't need their scum!" to which he responded with a hiss that, roughly translated, reads "Res Lu'uk Ra'uf." I have no idea what this means.

Bossk is armed with a Relby V-10 Mortar Gun and flies a wicked modified light freighter christened the Hound's Tooth.

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