From Seiken Densetsu 3, this is a power meter-based attack whereby Carlie/Charlotte whomps the enemy really, really hard. It's hilarious to see her knock an enemy 10 times her size all the way across the screen.

I've also started a networked Boggle named "Bonkle" :) I've completed at least the word search, so it should be easier from here on. It's being done in Ruby, and the WIP is at
The server is now pretty much complete; there are a few things left to add (operator status, opt-in notification for certain events), but the entire project is far along enough that the server can accept users and limit connections, accept word "found" messages and reject incorrect ones, tabulate points and cross out at the end of rounds words that are duplicate. Thank Ruby for the very useful and powerful Thread class and thread.rb which enable quite rapid development of a threaded game server with less than 20% debugging time (and more than half of that just weird typos ;)

Note that using Bonkle::Board to brute-force the example in the Boggle instruction booklet, I found 239 words instead of the 70 they knew of. Heh.

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