Namco's second game in its' "Breakout pinball-style" trilogy came out in 1979. Only released in Japan, the game had the same style of gameplay as its predecessor, only this time a few more color strips were used and the layout was changed up, with the 10 point bumpers placed above rows of blocks.

There was one more game that came after this one, but by then Namco was gearing up for bigger and better things than mere block-breaking games. Namco never forgot the game though, since in the Japanese version of Namco Museum volume 2 for Playstation, it apppears as a hidden game. At the start menu, select Cutie Q and press Circle 7 times, Square 6 times, X 5 times, and play to your hearts' content. Or just download MAME.

Gee Bee --- Galaxian

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