You are stuck in the woods, all alone, with nothing except a knife, an egg, a packet of matches and a days walk between yourself and any kind of civilization, and the dark of night is comming fast. What do you do?

First of all, make a campfire (I have already placed you in the middle of some strange wood with an egg, so assuming that you know how to kindle a fire should not be a big deal). Now you have to cook you egg - this is the tricky part. Of course you could eat it raw, but you would have to be one of (1)extreemly hungry (2)Quite hungry and half red-indian or (3)out of your mind. In either case, if boiling it is an option, it is allways the better one.

To boil your egg you will need something that can hold the egg and water as well. Don't bother looking for a caseroll or deep pan or anything like that - chances are you won't find it (leastways not in my forrest!). And trying to make one out of natural materials is a waste of time and energy. In stead, try this slightly different aproach:

Get some moss or thick grass or similar. Dip it in water (Yeah, there are lots of lovely small streams running cheerily all through my forrest) so it is soaking wet. Now poke a small hole in one end of the egg with your knife. Do this by twisting the knife slowly around while its point is pressed lightly to the top of the egg, this way you should be able to make a nice little hole without breaking the egg. Why you are doing this? So the egg will not break \ explode when it gets heated later.

Once this is done, wrap the wet moss around the egg and place it right next to the fire if the fire is still roaring, or (preferably) in the fire if it is almost burned out (i.e. in the ashes that are still warm). Because the moss is wet it will not burn well, and the water in it will help boil the egg. You should turn the egg now and then to make sure it is boiled on all sides - often the top of the moss will be quite cool while the bottom is hot. If the moss burns, you can allways replace it with new wet moss. Just make sure you cook it long enough; This will take several more than the three minutes it takes to cook an egg in you kitchen at home.

Now just make sure your egg is well done, and enjoy your meal. Serve warm with fresh roots, leaves, and berries.

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