Something one might say in Chemistry I while learning about The Bohr Model.

The Bohr model of the atom is sometimes called the planetary model. This is where electrons orbit the nucleus in nice, neat, orderly paths. Very simple.

They teach this as fact in all general science classes, all the way through highschool. They don't just teach it, they pound it into your head, make you draw diagram after diagram, and even build models. It's not that bad, though, because it's so simple.

But it's WRONG! As soon as you take a real chemistry class they tell you the truth and expose the lies your teachers have told you over the years.

So you have a class full of students, still clinging to their simple and traditional beliefs about electron orbits, but faced with the naked truth of electron configurations and regions of electron density. Then the mind fuck really starts.

They try to ease you into your new comprehension of chemistry. They make ridiculous comparisons between the Bohr model and the "real" model. They even use the same terms to further your confusion. Truth hurts, but they want to twist the knife just a little bit more - teachers have to get their kicks somehow...

Finally, they force you to learn all of the other past theories of chemisty, which, like the Bohr model, are complete bullshit. This is when one might say Bohr-ing!

A bitter nodeshell rescue.

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