Bobbi-bobbi is a snake from Aboriginal mythology. First of all, he was a decendant of the Binbinga tribe (a tribe of humans, note). At one point, he decided to give some food to mankind, so he released a bunch of flying foxes, the largest bat in the world. Unfortuantely, the men were too stupid to catch the bats, and they flew away. Bobbi-bobbi tore one of his rib bones out and threw it up through the ground (as he was underground at the time), and mankind on the ground caught it. They called it a boomerang, and they used it to slay the bats. Then they took the boomerang and threw it into the sky and tore a hole in it (mythical explanation for the hole in the o-zone, I belive). This pissed Bobbi-bobbi off. He jumped out of the ground and snatched his rib back from mankind. He also ate two young men who tried to fight him off and keep the boomerang.

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