Picea Pungens x Glauca
This is not an actual species of tree; instead it is an alternate name for or variety of the Colorado Spruce. The needles on many of these spruce tree are glaucous, that is they are covered with waxes that protect the young needles. People like the coloration this causes so several cultivars were bred to have strong blue or silver coloration. The varieties that have this strong coloration are collectively known as "shiners" in the tree trade.

This name is preferred in the state of Utah, since they don't want Colorado in the name of their state tree.

Factoid: The trees along the wall of Kremlin outside of Lenin's tomb in Red Square are actually Blue Spruces.

Some Cultivated Varieties
Bakeri- Baker's Blue has a deep blue color.
Fat Albert- Moderate color and better shape.
Globosa- A dwarf tree with bright blue needles.
Hoopsii- Silvery Blue Color, strongest of the shiners. Grafted
Morheimii- Morheim is described as powder blue.
Pendula- A weeping type of blue spruce.

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