People who are on the cutting edge, refer to the cutting edge as the bleeding edge. Therefore, anyone who claims to be on the cutting edge by stating that they are on the cutting edge, obviously isn't.

Note: People who repeatedly insist on telling you that they are on the cutting edge, are actually much closer to being on the blunt edge a disposable plastic spoon instead.

The "bleeding edge" is the newest of the new technologies. They are so new that not much will work good (if at all) with them. It's always the next step. The bleeding edge is the alpha version compared to the cutting edge (beta). Generally, things go: obsolete, old, modern, cutting edge, bleeding edge.

There’s something magical about the way your arms move on their own:
Stretching out across the chasm of the pure white tub,
Tracing their fingertips across the speed bump surface of the light pink razor,
Pulling their best friend into the warm embrace of their hand.

A pale thigh
Exposed in the fluorescent lights at midnight.
Teardrops splattered across their smooth surface.
Buzzing in anticipation;
Blood coursing through pale blue veins
Buried deep.

There’s something beautiful about the pain;
The ruby beads that color the line you draw:
Not too little,
Not too much,
Rusty razors don’t cut deep.

Three long cuts running parallel
Bleeding in time to the beat of your heart.
Pour rubbing alcohol on top
And breathe in the sting.

Wet tissues stained pink to match the razor’s handle:
The evidence disappears with a flush.
Your mind newly sharp,
Hands shaking,
Chest rising and falling at an ungodly tempo.

You’ll be wearing long pants tomorrow.

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