Blank and Jones

Blank and Jones are a pair of German DJs that spin a late 90’s style Energy/Epic Trance.

The two have been spinning for about 10 years now. In the early 90’s both were involved in House Techno, but in 1996 the duo was swept away by an emerging high energy Epic Trance, a pop-feel, rapidly changing form of techno. Since then, the two have seen no reason to change styles obviously, because they continue to produce tracks with little contrast to their tracks of 1997.

Blank & Jones are the best example of a young generation of DJs and producers, together with names like Mellow Trax, Paul van Dyk, ATB or Kai Tracid. The two young men have spun their way around the world, putting on shows in thousands of places like Miami, Münster, Buenos Aires, Berlin, and Zürich, just to name a few.

The two Germans have had many Chart-topping numbers suck as "After Love", "Flying To The Moon" and of course "Cream", which took the 1 position in the UK-Dance-Charts, and was a smashing hit throughout Europe. Their new single "The Nightfly" got the number 1 position in the German Dance Charts within 2 weeks. Among their many successful chart toppers are other wonderful titles such as "Watching The Waves", "Desire" and of course, "Beyond Time" which has been remixed so many ways that some variants can barely be tied to the original.

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