The indie rock group formed by Juliana Hatfield, John Strohm and his then girlfriend, Freda Love in 1986. Formed while the three were in attendance of the Berklee School of Music. Reaching cult status in their first year as a band, the Blake Babies became local favorites. One of Juliana's long time friends, Evan Dando contributed to many Blake Babies tracks. After a brief 4 year run, the group broke up, with Juliana heading on to her solo career and John and Freda starting the band Antena.
Recently, the band reformed and released "God Bless the Blake Babies" and are currently touring.

1987 Nicely, Nicely Mammoth
1989 Earwig Mammoth
1989 Slow Learner (EP)
1990 Sunburn Mammoth
1991 Rosy Jack World (EP)
1993 Innocence and Experience Compilation
2001 God Bless the Blake Babies

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