There is a part of human nature which revels in seeing dark and sinister forces at work. In the in the Lego Space universe, Blacktrons fulfill the role of sinister adversary of the Space Police. Because the released of the Blacktron series coincided with the launch of the Futuron series they tend to be viewed as their natural enemy too. They dress entirely in black, with opaque jet-black visors which totally conceal their smiling little minifig faces. Blacktron vests depict a suitably detailed space suit design without being overcomplicated. The Blacktrons are still, for me, what an evil Lego race would look like. Set names such as Invader (6894), Renegade (6954) and Battrax(6941) (two large ships and a wheeled vehicle respectively) reinforce this image.

A complete Blacktron collection (all 6 sets) will contain 11 Blacktron minifigs. If you happen to own all the Space Police sets with bundled Blacktron Minifigs then you can add another 5 to make 16.


  • 1875 - Meteor Monitor - Dinky little (un-covered) flying craft. 1 Blacktron minifig.
  • 6876 - Alienator - Chunky walker. 1 Blacktron minifig.
  • 6894 - Invader - Sleek flying ship. 1 Blacktron minifig.
  • 6941 - Battrax - Articulated 6 wheeler. 1 Blacktron minifig.
  • 6954 - Renegade - Big modular asymmetric flying craft. 2 Blacktron minifigs.
  • 6987 - Message Intercept Base - Very impressive base. 5 minifigs.

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