How you can tell the difference in a real "flesh" person, and thier holographic clone. For "real" humans will eat black olives, but holographic clones will not. (*Completely* ignoring the fact a holograph should not be *physically capable* of eating... they hate black olives and refuse to eat them.)

This theory arose from two young teenaged girls under the influence of extreme boredom, vacation bible school, and, well, too many black olives--
several years ago, one of my good friends and i somehow, randomly (as in not planned) ended up volunteering to be "teen helpers" at the vacation bibleschool program at my church; and thru chance we were working at the same station. Its point was to teach the kids about life in biblical times. So they came, and we put them in the little sterotypical costumes that so many bibleschool-goers have experienced and we sat them under bedsheet "tents" and let them try "biblical food"--plates filled with "unleavened bread" (absolutely tough and gross pita), almonds, raisins, olives.--while the leaders told them some story.

Our job mainly involved dressing the kids, and then preparing the plates of food for the next group so it would all be ready. And the kids, being 7/8 year old kids, for the most part did not *like* all the "weird" things, they went for the bread and the raisins. So she and i sat in the back, where the supplies were, and ate all the almonds and olives.

We were also both beginning our strange sci-fi/fantasy/anime kicks at the time, and were *so* tired, by the third group, of hearing the same trite preachy little story, so we started making up stuff and playing around with trippy ideas gleaned partly from our reading/watching and part out of the randomness that is a pair of bored 9th-graders. Eventually we hit the topic of clones, then holographs, then the logical conlusion, holographic clones.

It's slightly murky now, i have no long term memory, but i beleive one afternoon i handed her the olive can and she was like 'no i dont want any'--which was weird because she'd been eating them all week. So i for some unknown reason accused her of being a holograpic clone... things just went downhill from there. To this day, the two of us cannot eat any food that involves in any way black olives without looking at each other funny, muttering 'holographic clone' under our breaths, and smirking/laughing uncontrollably for a couple minutes...

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