"don't worry, no need for you to hide amongst the trees
come into the light and you'll be free"

- from California Bound

Black Letter Days is one of two music albums released in 2002 by former Pixies front man Frank Black, the other being Devil's Workshop. His last few albums have been assisted by the band The Catholics, who also appear on this release. The album was recorded live in a mobile recording studio which tours with Frank Black and the Catholics. It is said that this 'raw' method of recording straight to two-track tape gives Black's recent albums a more authentic, live sound, and as far as I can tell, it does not affect the quality.

Black Letter Days did not get much airplay on commercial radio, however it has been successful in satisfying Black's small but extremely loyal international fan base.

Track listing

  1. The Black Rider
  2. California Bound
  3. Chip Away Boy
  4. Cold Heart of Stone
  5. Black Letter Day
  6. Valentine and Garuda
  7. How You Went So Far
  8. End Of Miles
  9. 1826
  10. The Farewell Bend
  11. Southbound Bevy
  12. I Will Run After You
  13. True Blue
  14. Jane The Queen Of Love
  15. Jet Black River
  16. 21 Reasons
  17. Whispering Weeds
  18. The Black Rider

Appearing on the album:

Frank Black (vocals, guitar)
Scott Boutier (drums)
Eric Feldman (keyboards, synthesizer, additional vocals)
Rich Gilbert (guitar, pedal steel guitar, keyboards, saxophone, additional vocals)
David McCaffrey (bass, backing vocals)
Dave Phillips (guitar, pedal steel guitar, additional vocals)
Moris Tepper(additional guitar and vocals)
Nick Vincent (maracas)

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