Bitch Hunter is a fictional TV show that has made two appearances on 30 Rock. Bitch Hunter stars Will Ferrell as the hunter. Although I don't endorse this kind of behavior, I highly advise watching the videos that are linked at the bottom of the page because everybody knows that the movies are always better than the books. The following are the two showings:

Pete- The only reason NBC picked up the Girly Show is because of the flak they picked up from women's groups after airing the action-drama Bitch Hunter.

Cut to Will Ferrell who cocks a shotgun, kicks down a women's bathroom, and yells "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCHES!'


The other time involved Will Ferrell going into a bridal shower and yelling, "Put the mimosas down...BITCH!"



The videos can be seen by clicking the following links:

First appearance-

Second appearance-


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