A Jazz club in New York City that opened in 1949. The original Birdland, located on Broadway, a few blocks west of 52nd Street in the '40s, was named for Charles "Yardbird" Parker. For 15 years, the club’s survival formula was double and triple bills, commencing at 9 p.m.; sometimes lasting ‘til dawn. "Birdland was both a cultural vantage point and a barometer of trends where all the big names in jazz have performed".

As a point of interest, when the club first opened, they actually had birds in cages. But the birds quickly expired because of the voluminous amounts of cigarette smoke. The cages were kept for a time, empty. Too bad the warning was not heeded...

See Musicians who played Birdland, Charlie Parker

Other famous Jazz Clubs in the New York City area include:

A 1979 piece of music written by Joe Zawinul of Weather Report, and subsequently covered by many people including The Manhattan Transfer, Maynard Fergusun

Source: http://www.birdlandjazz.com/ Last Updated 06.14.03

Birdland is also a song by Weather Report. It appears on Heavy Weather. The song, which is a fusion number, was actually played in discos in the 70's. (Screwed up, huh?). Naturally, it was written about (or at least inspired by) the jazz club.

Anyway, the song was written by Joe Zawinul, and the opening riff, for those who can't figure out who is playing it, is played by Jaco Pastorius. He plays harmonics way up on the fretboard.

'Birdland' was was also covered by many bands, the most noteworthy version being the one by Manhatten Transfer.

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