"Binglish" is an encrypted form of English used by thieves, drug dealers, and other such entrepreneurs in Manchester, England (Manchester is where I first heard about it -- I'm not sure where it originated, or the scope of its use outside of Manchester). Its purpose is to provide the user with an easy but effective means of speaking the English language in a way that will render it unintelligible to the average joe. The grammar and syntax of Binglish is identical to that of English; its sole difference is that a "b" in inserted before (most) pronounced vowels. An easy example: "Hi, My name is Mike," becomes: "H-by, M-by n-bame bis M-bike." It's effectiveness is increased tenfold when Binglish is used in conjunction with Cockney rhyming slang, or any other cant that throws the listener a few more curve balls. Besides being a useful tool in those circumstances where you just don't want to be understood, its sounds really cool when spoken "fluently."

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