(bil' dad) HEBREW: BILDAD
possibly "son of strife"

One of the three friends of Job ironically described as his comforters, Bildad the Shuhite came with Eliphaz and Zophar to condole with Job on his horrible sufferings. Bildad was a traditionalist who saw suffering as a direct punishment for sin. In his first speech he blamed the deaths of Job's children on their own sins. In his second discourse, Bildad described in horrific detail the punishment and ultimate destruction of the wicked, implying that Job's suffering proved him to be one "who knows not God" (Job 18:21). Finally, he reminded Job that man is merely a maggot and a worm, who cannot "be righteous before God" (Job 25:4). When Job was restored to favor, Bildad and his friends were ordered to atone for their mean-spirited words.

{E2 Dictionary of Biblical People}

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