BikeE is a brand of relatively inexpensive recumbent bikes, of the compact-wheelbase variety. The models in the BikeE lineup (as of early 2001) all have a fairly blocky main frame of aluminum, and thus tend to be heavy. Compared to certain other recumbent bikes, the BikeE models are closer to the design of conventional contemporary bicycles; though the riding position is closer to reclining than an ordinary bike, it is perhaps better called a semi-recumbent. I have an example of their cheapest model -- the BikeE CT -- purchased 2 years ago in Austin, Texas, and I have been happy with it; in fact, it is the most comfortable bike I have ever experienced, and it has spoiled me for conventional bicycles. Actually, I had been looking for a decent but ordinary bike with which to commute, but took this one out for a spin, just for kicks. A minute after beginning my test drive, though, I was certain that I was going to purchase it, and in fact was shouting with glee as I pedaled around, whipping in circles. A handful of complaints: the fabric of the seat-back ripped shortly after I bought it, and I have yet to have it mended or replaced (it's not so bad as to make riding impossible); removing the front tire for transport is very difficult; and there is no good way to lock it because of the unusual frame shape. For this last reason, I have not moved my BikeE with me to Brooklyn, but look forward to being able to ride it again when I live in a city with less bicycle theft. Oh, and an important note: not sure whether it was added by the bike shop or if it's stock, but mine has an orange bike flag on a fiberglass shaft, and though it looks funny, that flag is an important safety device, because recumbents are lower and thus harder to spot in traffic than lesser bikes. While I look forward to sampling and perhaps one day buying other recumbent bikes, this one has treated me well, including on Dumpster diving expeditions, commuting in traffic, for random pleasure rides, et cetera. I only wish that it were green :)

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