The music of Big Tall Garden has a unique blend of grassroot alternative rock and an undeniable world sound. Their debut CD, Full Fathom Five has eleven quality songs. The band signed a distribution deal with Sony records in Europe, covering Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Local to Vancouver, the CD has been very well received, quickly selling over 2000 copies as well as charting at #3 on independent charts at HMV and Sam the Record Man stores.

Band members Jon Frederiksen (bass/vocals), Hamish Thomson (drums/vocals) and Duane Murrin (guitar/lead vocals), first met at college in 1989 where the three were studying music. In 1992, the trio independently released an eight song cassette, which received heavy radio airplay and sold over 2500 copies.

Since that time they have had extensive live performance experience in a wide variety of venues across Canada, including several outdoor festivals and benefits. The band has become well known for its energetic and spontaneous live shows.

One particularly fine song of theirs is Ten Feet Tall.

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