Based on Hollands, Big Brother, TV program Big Brother UK has been quite an interesting experience to watch.

The Concept

Each week, the people in the house vote for two people to be nominated for eviction. The people with the highest votes are put to the public vote, who then vote out who they want to leave. This continues up until the final week when 3 people are remaining, the public then vote for who they want to win.

In addition, each week the group are set tasks on which they can gamble a percentage of their food budget.

Big Brother was streamed live over the internet 24 hours a day, and had a show on every weekday. The eviction show was on Friday nights hosted by Davina McCall.

The Contestants

Note: I only know things about the people who were in the house the longest.


Thomas began as the “quiet and shy” Irish farmer but soon came out of his shell after a week or two. Thomas was evicted on day 54.


Mel is the feisty member of the group who gets on better with the blokes than the girls, she was cold towards Claire. She left after 59 days and managed to kiss most of the blokes in the house.


Evicted on day 39.


In my opinion, Nick made the program much more interesting. He was the backstabbing, selfish, two-faced rogue but unfortunately got chucked out for breaking the rules of Big Brother. After leaving the house Nick has been the most successful, with his column in The Sun newspaper, television adverts, film premiers with Brad Pitt, Nick played the game and is now winning after leaving the house.


Claire replaced Nick when he was thrown out the back door, She was exempt from voting that week so she would stand a chance. What made it difficult was that she was entering as a newcomer to a group of people that had grown close and had grown to trust each other. Unfortunately for her, she was kicked out at the first opportunity. Plus she had breast enhancement surgery, which was an interesting talking point, Craig vowed to feel her tits before she left because he had never felt plastic ones before.


People in the house didn’t like Craig as much as they liked the other people, in the end he was nominated by his housemates four times. Luckily for Craig, the general public realise Craig is the most common of the lot of them, and never voted him out. He always had a story to tell, if It was about his many orgies or about a joke he had played on someone, he always had one to tell. Craig was lazy to begin with, his big turning point was when he confronted Nick about him trying to sway other peoples voting.


Anna is a bit strange, she is an Irish lesbian ex-nun, but many would say she is the funniest in the house and she looks quite nice, when she is smiling that is. One of the most genuine people in the house, in my opinion.


Nichola had to sit and watch as all her closest friends in the house got thrown out one by one, then she left.


Darren has 3 kids and in the end came third place in the competition, When he started he refused to touch the chickens, soon he had one of them as his pet “Marjorie”.


Andrew kissed Mel and he got chucked out early on.


Sada was the first to leave the house on Day 19.

The Final Show

The final week of the show consisted of the last three contestants, Anna, Craig and Darren all being put to the public vote and then they left, one by one, on the final evening. First to leave was Darren that evening, then Anna, with Craig being left the winner. His exit was pretty spectacular with him leaving the house, huge fireworks and things, then walking to the stage where he met up with all the people who started in the house. “Nasty Nick” then presented him with the 70,000 pounds sterling which Craig proceeding to donate to a friend of his who needs to go to America to have a heart and lung operation.

Opinions of the Program

  • “It was good because … I don’t know why, it was just good” - Russ
  • Shit, pointless, crap” - Asqui
  • “Ok, but over hyped” - Rick

The Future

There is going to be a new series, one with teenagers in, and one with normal people in I believe.

My Personal Conclusion

Big Brother was interesting; at first I believed that no one could act normally under such circumstances. But I do believe the people who left the house over the last 3 weeks were genuinely acting themselves. I can’t wait for the new series…

Legal Note: Big Brother is a Bazal production for Channel 4

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