Sequel to Betrayal at Krondor, this Sierra game was a complete flop and for good reason. Released in 1997, it runs under Windows 3.11 !! (a 16-bit windows program) As a result, it doesn't like high color, requires a Pentium 100 when it should run on a low-end 486, is bloated and buggy. Not to mention it has an engine about equal to its made for 386s predecessor. John Carmack could make better software than this if both his hands were cut off and he had to type w/ his feet. To be fair, the game was moderately fun.

Perpetrator : Sierra
Rating : Zero Stars Out Of Five.

The illegitimate sequel to Betrayal at Krondor, suffering from some minor problems such as :
  1. Not having the Riftwar license.
  2. Not being written or developed by Dynamix
  3. Being made entirely in-house by Sierra
  4. Having, a shitty engine, shitty art, shitty sound, etc.
Sierra later rightly disowned this abomination and made up to fans of the original Betrayal at Krondor by comissioning a proper sequel, Return to Krondor. The entire sorry tale of this game's creation is definitely on par with Atari's ET game in the hall of shame. The only good thing to come out of the whole debacle was the freeware release of the original BaK as a promotional stunt. You can still obtain it from Sierra's website and elsewhere.

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