Two Australian bird species are commonly known as bellbirds because of their chiming or bell-like calls which carry over a long distance. The crested bellbird, Oreoica gutturalis, belongs to the family Muscicapidae or fly-catchers. It inhabits the dry open forests and scrublands of Australia's arid and semi-arid regions. The bell miner, Manorina malanophrys, belongs to the family Meliphagidae or honeyeaters. It inhabits sclerophyll forests of south-eastern Australia from south Queensland to south-western Australia.

Both birds have distinctive colouring. The crested bellbird has a stout black beak, orange eye and is brownish grey above and buff-white on the underside. It grows to 23 cm in length. The bell miner grows to a length of 18 cm and both males and females are olive-green above and pale yellow below with a conspicuous orange-yellow beak and legs.

Bell"bird` (?), n. [So called from their notes.] Zool. (a)

A South American bird of the genus Casmarhincos, and family Cotingidae, of several species; the campanero.


The Myzantha melanophrys of Australia.


© Webster 1913.

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