Consort of Belenus; other inscriptions say she is the consort of Belatucadros. Her name indicates that she shared the attributes of her husband, being a goddess of light and fire, forge and the craft. Also, as there is a Latin inscription to her, "Minervae Belisamae sacrum," thus equating her with Minerva, she is often equated to both Brigit (in her many forms and names) and Sulis (goddess of Bath). This may simply be another name for or title for Brigit (whose name is also thought to refer to fire, and who was also a goddess of craft and smithing).

Worship of Belisama was apparently widespread, as inscriptions to her and her consort are found in Gaul,1 and her name is connected the River Ribble in Lancashire in Ptolemy's geography of northern Britain. This would make Belisama goddess of the Mersey.

1. "Segomaros Uilloneos Toutius Namausatis eioru Belesami sosin Nemeton."
"Segomaros Uillonis, Citizen of Nimes, dedicated this here sanctuary to Belisama."

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